Oh, Argentina!

Well this is embarrassing. We went on an amazing trip to Argentina but have hardly any pictures to show off. We know it's not important but it's a fun project for us.

What happened was we were on the bus towards our school and it happened to be extremely crowded. We were dumb-dumbs and had our camera in the back pocket of Steffie's backpack. We got off the bus and a friend noticed a pocket was open. Of course, it was the pocket with the camera in it.

So yeah, it got stolen. Awesome.

Regardless, it was an amazing trip!

The objective of this trip was to study Spanish. We can safely say we really didn't accomplish much of this. Don't get us wrong, we learned a lot. The problem was we were learning two versions of the language. First, we were learning the classroom version. It's all about grammar and spelling. Then there's the social version. Argentinian Spanish is a bit different from Mexican Spanish (which we're quite used to). We had to figure out the slang and different pronunciations. In the end, our brains were mush.

The important thing was we passed the class and had a fantastic trip!

For the most part, we stayed in Cordoba. The second largest city in Argentina with a huge college scene. So much partying... (After we finished studying of course...) The whole club and bar scene really isn't our favorite but we adjusted well enough!

Our favorite bar there was the Don't Worry Bar (Av. Rafael Nuñez 5824). It was so fun there and the owner was beyond nice to us and our classmates. It has a cool, 60's vibe and cheap drinks.

We also had a four day trip to Buenos Aires. Now that is an amazing city. We instantly fell in love with Chifa's Peruvian-Chinese restaurant. Argentina is surprisingly lacking in spicy foods and Chifa was a perfect remedy for that.

Buenos Aires had such a strange and fascinating vibe to it. People watching at cafes were our favorite pastime while there. Tip: Try a Submarino! It was chocolatey goodness!

Before our camera was stolen (along with two weeks worth of photos) we did manage to upload some pictures we took on the first couple of days. For example, this fine gem of a lemon pie with meringue:


There was hardly a dessert we didn't try. Dulce de leche was our friend as well as our enemy. If our blood could be replaced with anything else, we would vote for dulce de leche.

As for drinks, we have to discuss what keeps Argentina ticking: mate. Now, when we first saw mate, our thoughts were "our school is taking out to take drugs?"


Mate may look like something our hippie friends would drink but it's basically just tea and yummy tea at that. We're addicted to sugar so we always add a little before drinking it.

When it comes to booze, it's all about Fernet. We loved Fernet... and were one of the few Americans who did. It is best to mix it with soda considering how strong and bitter it is.

All in all, five weeks was not enough time to truly explore the city. We had to make due with exploring when we didn't have class. It was an interesting experience though and we made so many friends. Next time we return, it will not be as students.

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