Life and Travel Goals

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
- CS Lewis

This list is just all sorts of silly. We have everything from the simplest of task to the obscure to the far-fetched. We might not accomplish all these goals, but it will be fun to try.

Total Amount of Goals: 120
Goals Completed:32
Last Updated: November 3, 2010

Strikethrough- Completed
link- Links to this site
link with asterisk* - Links to another site
Italic- In progress

  1. Find Gossamer
  2. Take a Study Abroad trip during the Summer of 2010 - London!

  3. Take a Study Abroad trip during the Summer of 2011 - Argentina!
  4. Travel to every state in the US*
  5. A picture in at least 30 other countries.*
  6. Hug a llama
  7. Find a place with a working pinball machine.
    Pinball Machines!!!
  8. Scuba Dive
  9. 100 pictures with random and non-random people*
    Day 21: Gossy Meets Tony Todd
  10. Have a cameo in a movie, music video, tv show, or commercial
  11. Win an obscure contest
  12. Take a picture of something by Banksy
  13. Sell one of our paintings
  14. Learn to play the drums
  15. Pick up a hitch hiker
  16. Have one of our short stories published
  17. Have one of our poems published
  18. Have a star named after one of us
  19. Solve a mystery
  20. Go out drinking with a band
  21. Break a record (Participated in a world wide event. We all danced to Thriller at the same time.)
    Thrill The World 2009 - GJ is done for
  22. Dance to Thriller in public (Two goals, one stone!)
    Thrill The World 2009 - Austin, Texas
  23. Go to the San Diego Comic-Con
  24. Road trip on a motorcycle
  25. Complete NaNoWriMo* 2009
    Gossy and Shatner
  26. Run and/or walk in marathon
  27. Ride on an elephant
  28. Ride on a camel
  29. Play Quidditch
  30. Publish a novel
  31. Win a culinary contest
  32. Run a business
  33. Appear on a talk show or game show
  34. Teach a class
  35. Go into outer space
  36. Publish a book about Gossamer
  37. Ride on a firetruck
  38. Bungee Jump
  39. Learn to snowboard
  40. See Big Ben
  41. Sit front row at a concert or sports event
  42. Write a song
  43. Have someone actually sing that song.
  44. Zorbing
  45. Ride a horse
  46. See a play at the National Theatre in London - Welcome To Thebes
  47. See a play at the Royal Court Theatre - Sucker Punch
  48. See a play at the Globe Theatre - Macbeth
    Macbeth at the Globe Theatre
  49. Drink Tea in a crypt
    Tea in A Crypt
  50. Have one of our photos published in a book or magazine
  51. Learn to fence
  52. A Private library consisting of 500+ books
  53. Pet a lion, tiger, or bear
  54. Learn sign language
  55. Be able to write with both hands
  56. Cosplay
  57. Take A Ghost Walk Tour (I've taken 3 now! Austin and Round Rock, Texas and one in London, England)
  58. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
  59. Help someone with one of their life goals.
  60. Drive a motorcycle
  61. Get a motorcycle license
  62. Wear pajamas to work
  63. Fire walk
  64. Go to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  65. Have a cupcake I designed in a magazine
    Day 27: Sweet

  66. Speak on a podcast or radio show
  67. Ride in a helicopter
  68. Ride a hot air balloon
  69. Learn another language
  70. Stay the night in a lighthouse
  71. Stay a weekend at a castle
  72. Attend the Olympics
  73. See the Nutcracker
  74. Learn to bookbind
  75. Learn to juggle
  76. Be a pirate
    Look Out

  77. Be a ninja
  78. Appear on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report
  79. Learn to eat fire
  80. Appear on the Food Network
  81. Appear on the Travel Channel
  82. Help in an Archeology dig
    Digging Up Shakespeare
  83. Hug a Giant Redwood tree
  84. Learn latin
  85. Go to Austin City Limits
    Waiting for the music

  86. Go to SXSW
  87. Go to the Sundance Film Festival
  88. Own the Special Edition Tales of Beedle the Bard
    GJ looking at the book.

  89. Read the entire Harry Potter series
  90. Read the entire Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan (3/12)
  91. Learn archery (No one died!!)
  92. Dress as a dinosaur. Bonus if it's a T-Rex!
  93. Find a bottle with a message that was thrown out to sea as somebody's goal. Properly recycle it.
  94. Fly first class on a plane
  95. Build an epic fort
    Gossy, GJ, and the Fort

  96. Finally fly a kite
  97. See a live volcano... and not die
  98. Go to Hogwarts
  99. Call someone a ninny and mean it
  100. Have a ninja themed party
  101. Have a pirate themed party
  102. Have a zombie themed party
  103. Have a dinosaur themed party.
  104. Dramatically solve a simple riddle
  105. Prance in a meadow
  106. Enter a food eating contest (It was a horrible experience we never want to repeat.)
    Day 98: Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest

  107. Finish reading the InkWorld Trilogy
  108. Find Waldo
    Gossy Found Waldo!!!
  109. Find Carmen San Diego
  110. And set them up on a date
  111. Laser Tag
  112. Roller skate while dancing to Thriller (We fell down. It was painful)
  113. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Canada
  114. Learn to make a paper crane
  115. Go to every Alamo Drafthouse Cinema*
    Alamo Drafthouse - Lakecreek
  116. Learn to make my own paper
  117. Find 10 BookCrossing* books
  118. Attend the Glastonbury Festival
  119. Receive a postcard from the Underwater Post Office*
  120. Send a postcard from the Underwater Post Office.