The Travelers

Gossamer Rudolf Rodrigo Jr.
"I’m Gossamer Junior but you can call me GJ! I met Steffie at Six Flags in San Antonio where I was wandering around on my own. I was a bit sick because I just ate 12 hot dogs, 3 whole pizzas, 4 pounds of gummy bears, 2 carrot cake slices, 8 giant pixie sticks, and at least 6 margaritas (I lost count). THEN I decided I should go on the giant ride that spins really fast. I forget the name. Needless to say, that was NOT a good idea. So, I get off the ride, about to show the world everything I ate, when Steffie almost steps on me! Poor girl was dizzy herself after that stupid ride. Anyways, she noticed I was about to spew out my guts and helped me to the restroom before it was too late. Several hours later I emerge out of the restroom and she was waiting there with a nice cup of coffee and aspirin. We have been best friends ever since."

Day 117: Promise Pizza
Lil' Gossamer
"Hello, I'm Lil' Gossamer. I met Steffie and GJ when my Uncle Gossamer vanished. They needed help so I stepped in. I mostly just help with the cooking, the cleaning, doing Steffie's homework, cleaning after Francis, and pretty much whatever everyone else around here is too lazy to do."

Blue Bonnet Francis
"Rawr Raaaawr Blarg Honk Blarg Raaawr Raaaawwr Aaaargh Raarw! RAWR! Rawr Raaawr Argh Raaaarw Blarg Blargity Rawr. Blarg. Hooonk. Blaarg. Rawr. Raawr Rawr Raaawr."

Note From Steffie: "Um… We’re working on getting this translated."

Bernard Lockwood
Bernard Lockwood
"Good Day! My name is Professor Bernard Lockwood. I came to this world to make new discoveries and to study! Steffie and GJ have kindly taken me in as their guest. With my ever expanding curiosity of your world, I plan to travel as far as possible. With the information I acquire, I will write a book! My dream is to inspire others to take the daring risk and do what others fear. Oh, how people will adore me and my knowledge!"

My feet at the British Museum
"I'm Steffie. I just take pictures and bake cookies."

Day 3: Posing
Gossamer Rudolf Rodrigo was the reason this whole project started. Gossy and I have been traveling for as long as I can remember. He was my best friend. Even during the darkest times, he was there. When nothing in the world seemed right, I just had to hug him, and I knew it would be alright. The day he vanished, a part of who I am was also lost. I will never give up looking for him.