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We love food, adventures, books, obscure ninja movies, and even more food. This site is dedicated too finding the strangest and funnest aspects to all the things we love and more. Gossamer and his friends promise to do their best to show what this strange little world of ours has to offer!

Our History

Day 3: Posing

Gossamer has been all over the world with me. We meet in Wuerzburg, Germany when my mother saved him from a claw machine. The machine was located at the local military base where I often visited. My mother had saved many lives from the malicious claw machine, but when I met Gossamer, I knew we would be friends forever. Since then we have traveled all around Germany and Switzerland, and even got sick in Italy! When I came back home to the United States, I took Gossamer all over Texas. We settled in Austin, Texas and simply love it! Since then, we have traveled to many states and countries while having some great adventures. The only problem was that we never took pictures of ourselves! So that’s where this website comes in. Now we have a place for pictures and stories!

Unfortunately, things made a turn for the worse. As of March 2010, we lost Gossamer. We have been searching and calling but no one has seen him. We weren't sure whether to stop the project or continue it. Gossamer was the reason we started all this. So, after a group meeting, we decided that it was best to continue. Gossamer wouldn't want us to give up and we won't give up on him.


Now we are here. Our original blog was on Wordpress, but came to the decision it was best to move here to Blogger. If we didn't, violent things may have happened because of how frustrating Wordpress can be.

Along our travels, we have also met up with several other travelers who will continue the legacy of Gossamer. GJ (Gossamer Junior) has been with us for two years and is now in charge until we find Gossamer. There's also Lil' Gossamer, GusGus, and Francis. There's been a few offers to help us out so there might be in a few more new faces.

So yeah, that is us in a nutshell: a bunch of traveling monsters who love food!