Damn Good Tacos

Never in our lives did we EVER think we would willingly spend over $3 for a taco. It just seemed so silly! Oh, how things have changed...

Torchy's Tacos is a devilishly awesome business here in Austin, TX. It also just happens to be located down the street from where we work. We were skeptical at first. We only tried it because our boss ended up buying some Torchy's for a co-worker's birthday. We took a bite of The Democrat taco and that's all it took.

Our world changed.

Once we were so naive about spending over $3 on tacos. Now we wonder if they are willing to take payment in the form of our first born child.

Yes, they are that good.

Over the past few months we have been trying random tacos from their menu. We were given gift cards so we didn't mind going crazy with ordering.

We have two favorites:

Lil' Gossamer and The Democrat
The Democrat: Shredded beef barbacoa topped with fresh avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, onions and a wedge of lime.

Lil' Gossamer and the Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink: Guajillo seared Ahi tuna, cabbage fresca, cilnatro, queso fresco, lime wedige, and served with Chipotle Sauce.

We're drooling just thinking about it. Torchy's has seriously become one of our favorite places. Beware of trying to park in some locations though. For some reason, Austin parking lots seem to defy logic... but that's another story.

- Torchy's Tacos
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