Dallas StarTrek FanDays

Every so often we volunteer for a friend at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expos and FanDays. This year, we helped them out with the StarTrek themed show and it was pretty fun.

Since we were working at the show, we really did not have a lot of time to actually go to any of the panels or Q&As with the attending actors. We did get to meet a lot of really awesome people, including Tom Felton! Unfortunately, we couldn't get a picture with him, but alas the memory of it all is pretty nifty.

Who DID we takes pictures with though? Let us show you:

Chewy and Gossy

This is Lil' Chewbacca! His owner couldn't make the show so he was taking pictures of all the nifty things and folks he saw. (Like us!)

Grego and Gossy Cuddling

That's Grego of Bean Pot Toiz. He's cuddly!!

Gossy Meets Matthew Warlick

This is artist Matthew Warlick.

Gossy and the Pretty Lady

And this is another artist, Halo Seraphim! She drew a picture of Lil' Gossamer for us!

And finally, the greatest discovery at the show:

Gossy Found Waldo!!!

We found Waldo!!!

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